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Our mission

Sell High Quality, Affordable Products

Our bags are designed for everything you need, and nothing you don’t. These lightweight, durable travel companions invoke effortless style, combining timeless class with sporty design elements. Our sustainable wool and leather enforced exteriors are complemented by water resistant interior nylon. And best of all, our direct-to-consumer approach cuts out the mark up costs allowing our products to be sold at a price you can afford.

Fight Addiction

By purchasing a Tern product you’re making a difference. A portion of proceeds from each order will go to Shatterproof, a national nonprofit that treats addiction like the chronic disease that it is. We’re striving for progress not perfection, because every dollar spent toward advocacy, prevention, and treatment of this disease matters. Together we can save the lives of countless addicts and help advance this mission on behalf of everyone who supports them across the world.

Adventure Often

Your everyday weekender is here. Our hope is that you stay restless, exploring the world one weekend at a time. Whether it’s close to home or as far as a Tern may take you, become part of a shared experience. Get comfortable being uncomfortable, learn something new, or leave your mark by contributing to a local culture. Wherever it is you decide to go, our products are here to help get you there in some serious class.

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